Monday, October 3, 2016

It's just for fun

I have had some hassle at work and it's still going on.

I am getting to mat today. I've been able to do some boxing during this break and I'll use boxing as a warm up today also.

Leading idea for next half a year will be FUN. I will try to get to mindfullness, too. It's an idea of keeping at present moment - no antisipation of opponents reactions or moves - just rolling and punching by the feel of it. (Very much opposite what I have been doing.)

Today I'll start with Monkey Sau - a drill by Rodney King. After opening closed guard you feel opponents legs and move accordingly. If it goes well, we will go to recovering guard when opponent has passed your legs and closing in to side control.

My current inspirations are Stephen Whittier BJJ Plus 40 (Pillar concepts) and Rodney King's Crazy Monkey Defence.

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