Sunday, October 30, 2016

One vs 1000 - do we need 10 000 reps

Why do I train? Not to be the best competitor in set rules, but for fun and physical conditioning. To be in shape. I don't value the self defence aspect either. Don't really need it, but friendship that comes with combat sport is valuable.

I think I need to make my game much more simple...very simple...almost not even thinking anything.
If a boxer drills a simple move like a jab all his life...why should I try to take on 1000 techniques? and can't apply any. Maybe just during drilling or next month, but should the technique stick with you.

I just did some old karate stuff and I had the moves. Not same but still...and the break has been 20 years or so...

So I need to figure out what the fight is all about in clinch and ground game. It's not about doing technique...totally wrong way to learn is to learn a large number of submissions or escapes/sweeps. It's so stubit that I'm angry with my self for going along with it. I should have known better from the beginning, but I listened to local clubs instructors. Now, also they have grown to understand that previous approach was very wrong. (They have a SBG instructor now:-)

But I need an old mans game. Very very simple. Just enough to keep me save and pointers how to turn it around...maybe like Dale gives very simple concepts for sweeps. Not the sweeps. Just concepts.

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