Main grappling styles (under construction)


  • 1) How do you win a match. What is the main objective.
  • 2) Who are you competing with (Weight classes? Age groups? Gender?
  • 3) How do you get points. What is allowed and rewarded?
  • 4) What is not allowed and why not? (Over all picture)
  • 5) Duration of a match?
I think I will NOT include IJF rules, because rules are changing at the moment. Link is for part3, but it has also part1 ja 2 both 3 hours long :-)

So the list would be Freestyle Judo, Freestyle wrestling, Freestyle Sambo, Kosen Judo, BJJ gi and submission wrestling. (I'll start with gi styles and if it's not too much work do the nogi stuff too.)

I am using this page to collect information of gi grappling styles to make an overall list of rules.
Freestyle wrestling (Freestyle judo) (Kosen) (Kosen Judo) (Sambo) (bjj and nogi) (IJF vs Freestyle Judo)

Small evaluation



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