Saturday, October 22, 2016

Recovery day - simple is difficult

Today is my day off. I'll be watching some clips after this, but I have to clear my head first.

What's the reason for my training? Mostly it's to keep in physical condition and maybe even fight back dementia by remembering techniques and reating to it. One big thing is to be mindfull during training - and very much during sparring and rolling. And relaxed and carried away again:-)

To make my training more fun I'm trying to make it more simple. I know that I'd pick up all the moves, if I'd have two sessions a day rolling and maybe one 12 round session of sparring, but it's not going to happen. Next four months I'll get about two sessions of low skill rolling per week and same amount of sparring. I think it might not even keep my current skills up.

So I need to make things simple, but it is very difficult for a person who has drilled zillion techniques thinking that "devil is in the details". Now it's all about concepts and flowing from situation to another. Concept based thinking is all about aliveness - it just don't work with out opponents reactions. So making it simple is also making it difficult to learn! I don't have enough rolling time and karate students can react to pressure same way as a seasoned bjj guy. (So I'm getting wrong answers in my few rolling sessons.)

But do I break a sweat - yes. Do I have fun - yes. So what seems to be the problem? I still have an inner need to be good and even challenge younger guys... I don't know why, but I like to win or atleast feel like I am surviving. I don't care a bout tapping once or twice during a roll, but continues clapping is annoying.

OK head is cleared. Take some deep breaths and dive in instructional clips - standup, clinch,ground!

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