Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Starting to build the system at practise

Principal of development

Don't solve problems until they appear. Keep it real and playful - progressive resistance - aliveness.
Always posture - pressure and go with the flow. (Have to be two directions to go with the flow...)

Three games: stand up, clinch/takedowns, groundwork

Tomorrow I'll do my first training session with this new approach.

Standup -  will be an introduction to CM1 game. I think we will just try to keep the distance all the time in "rim" and work on CM1 blocks and posture. Work legs on moving...

Clinch game - pummeling to get a dominate posture? Double unders, slip to back, single leg, quillotine, russian 2 on1, head lock, kimura grip...?

Ground game - guard game from bottom. Different frames and distance. Keeping midrange and reseting frames - getting back to safe positions?

What are the ideas

Keep safe - defense first.
Allways control 3 - 4 points :-)
Get a better angle.
Let him do the work? Wait for a reaction...
Study (listen) to opponents preassure.
Breath - be relaxed - don't muscle - use gravity.
TAP early

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