Friday, October 21, 2016

Mixing karate and Jits

Today is a test. We will have one hour session of Kyokushin karate as a "warm up" and then go to yesterdays drills. Same drills 1) pummeling for double unders, taking back, single leg or head lock
2) half guard - getting opp back to mat (shoulder of justice) and opp getting back to deep half
3) open guard opp standing and feeling. Idea is to feel the pressure and react to it.

Yesterday my instructions where unclear so I will try to formulate what I want.

First drill

First drill is "how to start a mats". Engaging for pummeling should not leave an opening for shooting a single leg of double leg. It's important to get a good starting angle straight from beginning? (What's a good angle and how do I get it and where to go from there... future questions :-)

So it's important how you get the clinch and what kind of clinch. Yesterday we drilled over under and today we will continue with it. Just to make it a little more simple. So what am I thinking. First, can I catch opponents hand? Any way - like grapping it or catching it in my armpit - and then push it to his body. It opens a way to his back - or single leg. If I push opponents arm towards his body and he is aple to resist it, it can open a dive under arm to take his back. (This is a good 1 - 2 -1 last one is if he sees the dug under early and pulls his elbows down, then we are back to pushing his arm against his body.) Remember to use lat pull.

So first was catching opponents hand - in armpit or just his wrist. (Maybe this is enough for one day? What is the situation when you don't catch his wrist? How does he move or react? Maybe it's a situation when he shoots and you sprawl?) BUT yesterdays drilling had more elements like double under. Very hard to get... and a front pinched head lock, which is easy to get and also takedown is easy, but risk is getting your back taken after your takedown. When to go for douple under hooks in pummeling? It has to be a reaction for pushing opponents arm down! I do a lat pull and as he stops the motion I will push his arm against his body and pummel in when he resists my push? Maybe...

Head lock is when he keeps his arms locked tight to his body and does not let me have an underhook. Head lock needs a twist - a pinch to break his posture otherwise you are going for a flight.

So what is my instruction... Drills starts from over under clinch - pummel and do lat pulls. Move your opponent - also push. Keep a good posture. Stay grounded. (Okay.. to many already).

Second phase -  catch opponents hand in your armpit or grap wrist and lock it to his body. (Take his back or do single leg or lift him with your hips.) I think here is where we stop and discuss opponents reactions to getting his arm pushed or locked to his body. I think my reactions would be to move backwards which would open a pinched head lock attack with a small "uchi mata" type of breaking balance...

Second drill

Second drill is a half guard situation - not my drill (Every one can contripute and this is from Juho.)  Both bottom and top players have roles. Skills are flattening opponent and shoulder of justice. For bottom person getting pressure of from shoulder of justice and fighting to get to side and then deep half. (Might be good to scrample to get the deep half - like postional tips? but for drill, it's top players turn to fight to flatten...)

Third drill

Ok third drill is about feeling pressure when you are on ground and opponent is standing. My first goal is to get back up. This is not a grappling match and when kicking and punching is involved, I don't want to be sitting or on my back. So if no pressure, do a technical stand up atleast to kneeling position. If opponent pushes you to your back (Pushing your head, chest of lifting you feet.) You want to keep you feet between you and your opponent. Free his grip and get your feet to his thigh or just above his knees to feel his movement. You lift your hips a little to get pressure and the game begins.

So today we will play from situation that you are on your back and feet on opponents legs. Your elbows are open for balance and counter opponents leg throws. How is opponent going to pass?
Lifting your legs. Throwing them to side. Pushing them down? And your reaction... If he steps back  - no pressure - sit up and stand up. If he pushes your legs down - sit up (arm drag or scoot away to stand up) If he throws you legs to side - try crazy legs aca leg pummeling.) If you miss - always grilled chicken and knee to the side opponent is passing.

My instructions...none :-)
We will solve problems when they appear :-)

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