Monday, October 17, 2016

Starting to develop from drilling

Drilling alive

Technical development might need some dead drills, but I'd like most partner work be alive with progressive resistance. You don't have to go all in to practise timing, but there should be always atleast two directions or options to goto to make it more realistic. I think learning to feel pressure and balance are key skills.

Drills for standing 

Semicontact karate - first technique wins?
Crazy Monkey boxing (have to check if I can use this name...)

Drills for clinch

Pummeling fight
Judo randori? as uchikomi? Flow judo?

Drills for ground work

Passing guard - or just trying to pinn opponent
(version only hooked grips - no fingers)
Escaping... (progressive resistance)
Flow drill - sweeps and escapes
Minigames: pocket drills, small technical issues like standing when in opponents closed guard, resisting opponents douple leg smash pass...

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