Thursday, August 11, 2016

Near side arm, sidecontrol and getting to mount

Control cross side

Very big rule is that it's no use getting to side control, if you can't control your opponent in it. It's lot of work to pass ones guard and second later notice that you need to do the work again. Judo is a good source of pinning opponents!

One big tip for me was to move before I have to. When you move to a better position in early stage you have lot more control and also it messes up opponents escape attempts.

Near side arm

We are working on getting to mount from cross side. We will do the basic "arm in" and "arm out" versions, but before that I will study how to control opponents near side arm. That is the arm he wants to prevent my head control and also to keep my hip far to make space. I want to get my knee/or hip under his shoulder or smash his arm between us (or make him cross his arm over his center line).

So basically the fight is about keeping opponent flat or turned a way and controlling near side arm.

This opens a lot of possibilities:-)

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