Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lesson 3 Scissor sweep

Scissor sweep instructions
Sweeps are interesting. Very simple. You need to take a way opponents post, handle his mass (balance) and have a fulcrum point to break opponents balance. In scissor sweep pulling sleeve takes a way post. Pulling from collar makes opponent lighter and kicking his leg and rotating him from waist, makes him fall.

Question is where to put your knee and how to get the best possible angle.  Perdo Sauer shows here that leg is relatively straight and shin works like a plow. It connects to (here Perdo's left hip) and pulling motion twists his hip and small kick makes him fall. Here knee is lower than toes. Maybe you could say that shin is across opponents hip at the moment of sweep - hip bone to hip bone.

To get more pull from collar one suggestion is to stay on your elbow and lean back.

Here is Lovato Sr showing one variation of scissors sweep. Knee is on sternum and grip is from opponents elbow - not sleeve like usually. Often opponent counters this sweep by putting his weight backwards, which leaves his arm for an amrbar.

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