Thursday, July 21, 2016

First lesson - keeping mount

I refreshed my mount maintainess today. Mount is a position in Polar JJ lesson 1. It's just a position, but I wanted to drill keeping mount against a technical sw (nogi bjj) guy.

There is basically 4 different mounts: low mount, mount, high mount and side mount (technical mount). My intepretasion of different instructions (Pedro Sauer, Gracie University, GG2 and Henri Akins)

Low mount - keep pressure with your hips (super man) and use  shadow hooks to prevent opponent from freeing you hooks - also you can cross your legs behind opp. back. If opponent is trying to free his legs from your hooks. Pull your knee to opponents armpit and get your hook back when he bridges. It's also possible to push with your arms to create more pressure to hips.
(All top mount positions need to be drilled, but first is low mount. You need a save position where to start your game. Low mount is not a threat, because your hands are engaged in keeping balance and hooking. I should drill also transition from low mount to mount or high mount.)

Mount - fight opponents frames. You can minimize bridge by keeping your hip of opponent and keep your knees tight. Game is all about not letting opponent get to side or make frames. In mount hands are free and should be used to setup attacks.

High moung - sit on opponents chest and be heavy

Side mount is if opponent catches your arm or foot and is able to start getting side ways.

Todays lessons take a way was to react fast - don't let opponent use frames or start using the arm he has caught - move early, not late and variate on different mounts. Goal is to get to high mount, but low mount is kind of safe position.

If you start loosing position, you can back of to opponents legs and start a smash pass routine, or kick to side countol or knee on belly. Key is to be proactive - not to fight for the postion, but move so that you are in control.

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