Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Learn to flow

If you study martial ARTS, you need to be sensitive of pressures opponent is giving you. It you are strong, fast and muscle your technique, you can win for a while, but most likely some decades later you need to adjust your game.

I don't have the strength but I can't flow either. I know about breaking balance and concept of 1 - 2- 1 like push - pull and push again. Ribeiro has a quate "It's no use knowing, if you can't apply".

How to learn to flow?

One interesting and helpful drill was from Jaakko Saari 6dan Judo instructor. He introduced a drill that is called "mitten wrestling". You can hook with your hands, but not allowed to grip. Maybe grappling gloves would work the same way?

Second idea is "if you can't do it slow, you can't do it fast either". It's very likely that opponent can react to your change of direction if you do it slow. He will not loose balance, but that is not the point. Point is to start feeling if you have his balance in control and study his reactions. You will end up in bad positions with this drill so it's also learning survival skills :-)

One way to learn is to "just do it". I'd start with small steps and do one or two "go with the flow" situations first. To learn it, it has to be a priority in rolling. It will increase enjoyfullness. Rolling with a flow is nice.

I just got a good advice on how to learn to flow. Flow is not about winning. It's about learning opponents reactions!

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