Saturday, November 26, 2016

watched a webinar and planned next year

I watched Lovato Jr's webinar and in my mind I'm comparing his approach to Stephen Whittiers Pillar approach. Something is similar, but Lovato has much more defind grips.

I feel like at the moment that I just need to work on my A game - and have fun. Very much drill and roll my own moves and not learn new. If a boxer works all his life on few techniques, what makes me think that I could handle hundreds or even more?

I'm going for more simple - more tighter and same basic positions all the time.

Next year. I've started to plan it, but rolling partners are little open. Might need to visit local gym to get more rolling sessions. It's a little challenge but nothing that can't be smoothened with money. I'm not the most wanted visitor, but it only means I get a notch more real rolling experience :-)

I'm also thinking of doing karate and aikido to complement my boxing, BJJ and weight training.

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