Thursday, November 3, 2016

problem with game planning

Jason Scully has a nice sheed where you fill in techniques to positions and guess how your roll goes.

I started to fillit. It starts both standing like a match starts. What do I do ? First I check my posture and opponents posture. Can shoot for douple legs or fake it and catch his collar. I try to get a cross grip from his collar and bring my other hand to collar too. I pull his collar and try to break his balance. If I get his balance broken, I might go for face plant, or single leg. If opponent postures up, I'd go for a ko ouch gari.

But this is just starting the match and if I see an opporturnity to catch his collar. I might catch his sleeve or we might end up in a clinch. I'm trying to say that technique comes from situation and opponents reactions. So game plan should be done or listed by opponents reactions like his pushing me, pulling me...arms up...broken posture... and so on.

I will try to figure out more later...

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